What We Do

We see a world where all people have access to information and unlimited support for maximizing health and well being. A world where everyone – individuals, organizations, business, government – works together to end disease, suffering, hate, violence, and discrimination. A world where the power of marketing and communication is harnessed to bring us to a better place - a better world.

We believe in the importance of the issues we choose to work on and in the strength of our client partnerships. Our goal is to improve society by designing and implementing social marketing campaigns that achieve high levels of community education, self-efficacy and beneficial behavior change.

We offer our skills, passion, experience, commitment, and creativity. We value integrity over money, and relationships over profits. We believe in ideas and the power of communication.

Our services cover every component of social marketing – from needs assessment and formative research, to message development and testing, all types of production, media planning and buying, public relations and earned media, and impact monitoring and evaluation.



Every campaign requires a carefully conceived foundation. The strategy must define the target audience, goals and outcomes, timeline, resources and opportunities.
Creative Development
A range of compelling messages are generated and tested. Graphic design, audio, and video images are integrated with copy to create powerful concepts which are tested in focus groups or online panels.
We have developed expertise in all forms of production, including; film/video, radio, print, outdoor, transit, websites, internet advertising (banner ads, search links), social media (Facebook & Twitter), brochures, graphic novels, posters, reports, t-shirts, buttons, floats, mailers, costumed characters, venue-based media, etc.
Media Planning
Great ideas go nowhere without effective media strategies. We work closely with our clients to make the best use of media budgets. We negotiate with media companies to secure the most cost-efficient placements, including donated and bonus space. Every media plan includes utilizing social networking sites. Earned media is also a key element that gets “baked-in” to our creative concepts.
Campaigns are launched to maximize press coverage and impact – through press events and news releases. All campaign aspects are monitored and tracked, and adjustments are made when appropriate. Clients receive regular updates and periodic reports including process milestones, ad placement verification, web traffic, news coverage, and other tracking data.
We conduct campaign impact evaluations via street intercept surveys, focus groups, online surveys and polling. We also work closely with client or external evaluators.
Social Media
Audience engagement on social networks and apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, is standard practice and will be vital to the success of your next campaign. Social media increases campaign exposure and provides a conduit to interact with your audience. We’ll help you formulate a social media strategy tailored to your specific goals and vision.
Web Development
We will study your brand or corporate identity to craft a website aligned with your image. A website that mirrors your values and portrays a clear understanding of who you are is an important tool for communicating your message and achieving your social objectives.
Every organization deserves a great logo and identity system. Our nonprofit clients don’t sell products, they market ideas. Success requires establishing a relationship with the public that embodies honesty, trust, and passion. A well articulated brand fuels messages and movements. View our featured branding projects here.