BWA Celebrates 25 Years


Last Friday we celebrated 25 years of being in business. It has been the greatest honor and priviliege to be chosen by a wide range of communities and organizations to partner on prjects that make a difference. Whether it has been to reduce disparities in health, achieve social justice, or work towards environmental sustainability. 

We are forever grateful to our clients that entrust us with their vision, in situations where the stakes are high, which is why we remain committed to listening, learning, and cultivating a deeper understanding, and working with them to bring about positive change. To the communities we serve, that have invited us into their spaces, sparked our creativity, and motivated us to keep on keeping on; The vendors that collaborate with us to disseminate these very important messages across their paltforms; and last but not least, the BWA team (whether current or past employees)- your contributions all matter- THANK YOU

Here is to 25 years and counting!!!!!

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