Better World Advertising and Valley Water launch "Yards Have Evolved Campaign"


Better World Advertising (BWA) and Valley Water continued their work together through the creation of the water conservation campaign Yards Have Evolved. The goal is to raise awareness about the importance and benefits of landscape transformation, discourage high water using grass lawns, and increase conversions/participation in the Landscape Rebate Program. This program is a part of Valley Water's overall water conservation efforts to ensure Santa Clara County residents have sustainable access to a safe and secure water source for generations to come. The campaign is aimed at all county residents and businesses with an emphasis on homeowners with large grass lawns. Campaign materials were developed in four languages: English, Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese, to address the diversity within Santa Clara County, and to not exclude segments within the priority audience. Ads were disseminated in English via digital banner ads, social media posts (Facebook and Instagram), outdoor ads (billboards and ECO posters), and Pandora. Ads were also served to the intended audience through Facebook ads in Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese; as well as in relaevant ethnic digital and radio media outlets.

To learn more about Valley Water's Landscape Rebate Program and other water conservation efforts visit