One County One Future


The One County One Future campaign was recently launched in Santa Clara County. This is a partnership between Better World Advertising (BWA) and the Santa Clara Office of Immigrant Relations (OIR) to support OIR’s efforts to ensure that the County’s immigrant community is well-informed about their rights and about resources available to them. The goal is to raise awareness among SCC immigrants about the resources available to them through the OIR and position OIR as a resource, advocate and protector of immigrants in Santa Clara County. Four communities (Vietnamese, Latino, Chinese and Filipino) were focused on as they represent the largest percentage of immigrants living in the county. BWA developed bilingual campaign material that features English along with either Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, or Chinese, for palm cards, posters, banner ads, social media posts, outdoor ads (billboards, buses, light rail, convenience-stores, restaurants and bars) along with print and radio ads in ethnic media outlets that are relevant to the priority population. Ads were also placed in mainstream outlets to garner wider support for immigrant communities outside of the primary focused groups and also the larger Santa Clara County community as a whole.

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